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Workarounds That Work

“With the variety of challenges that leaders face every day changing by the minute, Russell Bishop has hit on an amazingly simple-and highly effective-solution, the ‘workaround.’ This is a brilliant approach to facing challenges and it works!”

Marshall Goldsmith, World-renowned executive coach and author of the New York Times best-sellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Work Around That Work
Consulting Services

High Performance Workarounds

We have spent years perfecting a proven methodology that allows companies and individuals to overcome disabling breakdowns and move into sustainable High Performance.


Coaching Services

Coaching Philosophy

Just as organizations encounter disabling roadblocks requiring creative workarounds, so too do individuals.


In both my Executive Coaching and Life Coaching work, my underlying workaround philosophy is that life comes at you in three large buckets, each requiring focus and attention.

Control: Outcomes you can control on your own

Influence: Areas where you need the cooperation or approval of others

Respond: Situations beyond your ability to control or influence


Work Around That Work

Workarounds That Work

Every day, people experience increasing frustration in businesses large and small trying to execute critical goals and objectives or get the simplest things done. Roadblocks come in many forms, ranging from misaligned groups to bureaucratic processes, from people stuck in old ways of doing things to constantly fighting fires. Silos compete with each other instead of collaborating and even leadership can appear to be misaligned.

Workarounds That Work provides proven tips and practical workarounds enabling you to increase your own level of productivity while helping your group, team, department or business build a culture of high performance.

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