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Russell Bishop provides sage advice and practical methods for everybody who battles bureaucracy, barriers, and tall mountains to produce better outcomes and meaningful results quickly.  All we need to do is bottle up the common sense, apply, and the world would be a better place indeed.

Dave Rosener, Northrop Grumman, Vice President


Everyone gets stuck from time to time or is confronted with which fork in the road to take.
Coaching helps you see past these all-too-common obstacles. There may be something you aspire to or have wanted to achieve, and you can’t see a clear path forward. Rather than a cookie cutter approach to coaching, we start with an informal audit, an active mindful listening process of what’s important to you and why it matters. Together, we will look at what you are holding on to emotionally, what preconceived ideas you’ve had that may no longer be working for you. We go through them with fresh eyes and methodically see where we can most easily clear up anything that is holding you back. At the end you will walk away with greater clarity, more confidence and a set of tools you can use to keep you moving forward. And of course, now you know you have someone in your corner who has your back.


Purpose. Mission. Core Values. Every organization has them. Sometimes everyone can even repeat them. Rarely can everyone tie their work directly to the mission. Teams and departments often become silos. When they do, they don’t always work well together, even though they all care about the mission. There’s a huge difference between a nicely written mission statement and having everyone aligned, working collaboratively to deliver on its promise. Our consulting starts with a detailed assessment to understand what your teams are doing to achieve success and how well the organization is performing against your mission. From there, we present our findings to your leadership team and revisit your mission asking a few critical questions: Why does our mission matter? To whom? What could we improve that would make a meaningful difference? We work with you to identify the areas with the greatest potential to improve and then help support the actual implementation of those strategic changes.


Fiduciary Boards. Strategic Boards. Generative Boards.

Which does your organization have? Legacy boards hold fast to the past, providing some combination of compliance and goal setting. Often, these legacy boards focus on preserving once effective practices. While preserving your history is important, Generative (Visionary) boards anticipate the future of the mission, asking what’s the next big question here? What’s our true purpose and how can we best serve our community? We can help you move beyond simply changing things around to creating meaningful change and growth – discovering new, expansive ways forward. We work with your board and the executive team to identify emerging opportunities that will better fulfill the purpose and mission of the organization. Aligning on the way forward can produce transformative results. Isn’t that why you exist in the first place?

The most important tool is your purpose for the journey.

—John Roger


You may feel an inner calling, an inspiration to achieve or experience something truly transcendent, but are unsure where to turn. We start with Soul-Centered listening. What would your True Self have you become? What is your True Purpose? We work with you to see with fresh eyes, to hear with fresh ears, unfolding hidden layers. From here we can more easily clear up anything that is holding you back. True-Self Coaching helps you see past illusions, distractions, and false choices, to recognize common obstacles as steppingstones in your progression. You will walk away with greater awareness of your choices, with more confidence, and a set of tools you can use to keep you moving forward when you get stuck. And of course, you will come away knowing you have someone in your corner who has your back. You, me and a profound third presence – your inner guide, your inner master, your inner teacher.

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