With the variety of challenges that leaders face every day changing by the minute, Russell Bishop has hit on an amazingly simple—and highly effective—solution, the “workaround.” This is a brilliant approach to facing day-to-day business challenges and it works!
— Marshall Goldsmith – World-renowned executive coach and author of the New York Times best-sellers, MOJO, Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“Workarounds That Work tackles one problem area after another, busting myths and giving practical advice along the way.  It’s fun to read and goes beyond the BS of most business books”
— Dave Logan, professor at the Marshall School of Business at USC and bestselling coauthor of Tribal LeadershipLeveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization

Russell possesses an uncommon ability to inspire clarity and provoke transformational change in individuals and organizations.   Workarounds That Work tackles a neglected area in the world of professional development: the people and behaviors that must work well together in the vast gap between “leadership” and the practical requirements for day-to-day execution.
— David Allen, Chairman, The David Allen Company and bestselling author of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Of all the books I've read about being productive at work, only Russell Bishop’s Workarounds That Work addresses head-on the major problem we all face - that being productive at work doesn't happen just by implementing some neat and tidy methodology. 'Workarounds' goes where none of the other productivity books go - into the messy, icky, hard-to-control stuff that we all face every single day, and which is often beyond the reach of purist methodologies.

You'll finish this book with a fresh take on how to think about productivity and at least a half dozen new ways to get things done at work - Russell's concept of the concept of the "Mind Like Mush" list is worth the price of the book on its own. Add 'Workaround's' to David Allen's "Getting Things Done", and your business productivity library is complete.
Les McKeown, WSJ and USA Today bestselling author of Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization On the Growth Track--and Keeping It There

Your Biggest Challenges + Workarounds that Work = Your Greatest Successes.  Every great breakthrough is usually preceded by a breakdown that can be daunting and frightening.  Workarounds that Work takes the fear and worry out of those breakdowns and catapults you into breakthroughs that will forever change your life.
— Mark Goulston, M.D. Tribune nationally syndicated columnist and author of #1 international bestselling author of "Just Listen" Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

Sometimes the stars do align. Russell Bishop has fashioned the perfect book for a world filled with workarounds - from governments, businesses to you and me. With deep knowledge and deft story telling he comes to our rescue. Buy it now!
— John O’Neil, past President, California School of Professional Psychology and author of The Paradox of Success

Workarounds That Work contains superb advice that I wish I had when I started my career many years ago. Realizing that how you define the problem IS the problem, as it predetermines the next steps is something I have observed and learned the hard way, but it probably the best advice you will ever get to take control of your life and destiny. A must read for anyone who is looking to improve their health, wealth and relationships.
— Anton Gueth, Managing Director, Burrill & Company

Russell Bishop provides sage advice and practical methods for everybody who battles bureaucracy, barriers, and tall mountains to produce better outcomes and meaningful results quickly.  All we need to do is bottle up the common sense, apply and the world would be a better place indeed.  A must read!
— Dave Rosener, Vice President, Northrop Grumman

With very compelling style and content, Russell Bishop’s “Workarounds that Work” delivers a tour de force of productivity and performance accelerators. Using situations we have all encountered (sometimes simultaneously), Russell provides a clear blueprint for going over, under, sideways and though a myriad of productivity anchors and performance speed bumps. The stories of real workarounds are human and touching and illustrative of the underlying principle of end-state thinking.
— Michael G. Winston, Fortune 50 Global Head of Organization and Leadership Strategy




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