Conscious Coaching

Conscious Coaching is designed for individuals seeking to achieve greater personal success and fulfillment in alignment with their personal goals and values. Areas of focus could include clarification of life purpose and guiding values, career planning, relationship or communication skills, and greater work-life balance.

Typical Format: While each coaching relationship is unique, most engagements begin with a working session to clarify your intended purpose and outcome. This initial session can take place in person or by telephone. Follow on sessions usually take place twice monthly with each session lasting 60-90 minutes.

  1. Establish Coaching Purpose and Agreement
    • Together, we will explore your desired outcomes and specific goals for the coaching assignment.
  2. Define Expectations, Commitments and Timelines
    • In our initial working session, we will examine a range of personal and professional areas of focus to determine what mix best suits you and what success would like. Typically, follow on coaching sessions take place twice monthly with each session lasting 60-90 minutes. The actual frequency, duration, and type of session depend on your needs and travel commitments.
  3. Develop and Implement an Action Plan
    • While some engagements are more subjective and personal in nature, many lend themselves to more specific, measurable goals with targeted outcomes, action plans, and timelines. Activities between coaching sessions may include recommended reading and written exercises designed to elicit specific insights.
  4. Assess Progress and Follow Up Support
    • Progress assessment will take place at various intervals in the course of the engagement, allowing for both reflection on progress to date as well as re-evaluation of goals and outcomes if appropriate. The ultimate assessment yardstick will be your satisfaction with the outcomes of the coaching engagement. In some instances, follow up calls or meetings may be desired once the core engagement comes to a close. We will jointly determine what follow up makes most sense for you in our final assessment meeting.

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