The Seven Step Workaround Formula to Performance Acceleration.

What's the difference between companies that hum right along and those that humdrum their way into stagnation? Do you or your employees spend inordinate amounts of time figuring out how to work around other people, frustrating processes or misaligned teams? Has your business become dependent on workarounds in order to get something across the finish line?

Performance Acceleration

We have spent years perfecting a proven methodology that allows companies and individuals to overcome disabling breakdowns and move into sustainable Performance Acceleration.

After an initial assessment of the current performance environment, we then engage in a series of quick hitting, focused working sessions designed to establish your desired outcomes, critical goals and action oriented execution plans. We focus on measurable performance improvement while building alignment across the organization.

  1. Performance Health Check Assessment: By interviewing key staff at executive, management and contributor levels, we uncover areas where workarounds already exist that can be eliminated and where new strategies or processes are necessary to increase performance.
  2. Strategic Direction: Next, we work with you and your team to define significant performance improvement opportunities. We then work with you to identify the strategic areas of focus required to accelerate your performance.
  3. Critical Goals: Combining clear outcomes with strategic areas of focus results in a streamlined set of meaningful goals and objectives, moving from the trivial many to the critical few.
  4. Organization Alignment: Aligning goals and objectives across departments and business units minimizes the need for workarounds and accelerates performance across throughout the organization.
  5. Execution Plans: Next, we work with teams and individuals to translate critical goals into measurable deliverables and milestones, each with clearly defined projects and next actions.
  6. Metrics & Monitoring: Metrics are defined that enable you to track execution plans toward predicted outcomes, enabling teams to identify and recover from unanticipated roadblocks in a timely manner.
  7. Performance Acceleration: The result is predictable execution from aligned teams driving accelerated performance across the organization.



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