Coaching Philosophy

Just as organizations encounter disabling roadblocks requiring creative workarounds, so too do individuals. Conscious Coaching™ may be what you need to accelerate your career, improve your team effectiveness, increase your personal effectiveness, or gain greater satisfaction in your life.

My underlying workaround coaching philosophy is that life comes at you in three large buckets, each requiring a different level of focus and attention. 

  • Control: Outcomes you can control on your own
  • Influence: Areas where you need the cooperation or approval of others
  • Respond: Situations beyond your ability to control or influence

Your ability to succeed in life will grow exponentially as you learn the difference between what you can control, what you can influence, and what you can do about everything else.

In order to excel, there are three primary areas requiring clarification in just about any improvement circumstance or challenge:

  1. Intention: what is your desired outcome? How committed are you to getting there?
  2. Accountability: what can you do to own the outcome, regardless of what it takes to get there?
  3. Response-ability: what choices do you have and how capable are you to execute them?
  • Executive Coaching
    • Executive coaching is designed for successful executives and high potential managers who are looking to become even more effective. Areas of focus could include career planning, work-life integration, communication and decision making, preparation for new assignments, and interpersonal leadership styles.


  • Personal Coaching
    • Personal Coaching is designed for individuals seeking to achieve greater personal success and fulfillment in alignment with their personal goals and values. Areas of focus could include clarification of life purpose and guiding values, career planning, relationship or communication skills, and greater work-life integration.


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