Making Differences Worth Making 


Helping individuals and organizations achieve even greater success

What if the secret to greater personal and professional success came not just from making a difference, but from making a difference worth making?  What if you could fulfill both your personal and professional purposes in life?  

  • Conscious Consultling
    What's the difference between companies that hum right along and those that humdrum their way into stagnation? Do you or your employees spend inordinate amounts of time figuring out how to work around other people, frustrating processes or misaligned teams? Has your business become dependent on workarounds in order to get something across the finish line? 
  • Conscious Coaching
    We’ve all had the experience of wanting something, busting our tail to get it, and then wondering why we ever wanted it in the first place. There's a huge difference between fulfilling money, job or career goals and the deeper experiences we truly seek - purpose, meaning, and genuine fulfillment. Just as organizations encounter disabling roadblocks requiring creative workarounds, so too do individuals. Conscious Coaching may be what you need to accelerate your career, improve your team effectiveness, increase your personal effectiveness, or gain greater satisfaction in your life
    • Executive Coaching:  for successful executives and high potential managers who are looking to become even more effective. Areas of focus include career planning, work-life integration, communication and decision making, preparation for new assignments, and interpersonal leadership styles.
    • Personal Coaching:  for individuals seeking to achieve greater personal success and fulfillment in alignment with their personal goals and values. Areas of focus include clarification of life purpose and guiding values, career planning, relationship or communication skills, and greater work-life integration.
  • Speaking:  a powerful and inspiring blend of insights and best practices for Purpose Driven Leadershp.  Moving beyond theory and concept, Russell delivers a practical, day-to-day approach to achieving critical life goals and objectives, to solving problems worth solving.   Over two million people around the world have been inspired by Russell’s work through keynote speeches and workshops he has designed.


What People Have to Say About Russell:


“With the variety of challenges leaders face every day changing by the minute, Russell Bishop has hit on an amazingly simple -- and highly effective -- solution to facing day-to-day business challenges.  And it works!”

— Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times best selling author and executive coach

“If you want to succeed big, there is no substitute for sticking your neck out.  Russell Bishop shows how to do it without getting your head chopped off.”

— Arianna Huffington, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post


“Russell possess an uncommon ability to inspire clarity and provoke transformational change. His powerful approach to coaching bridges the vast gap between leadership theory and the practical requirements for day-to-day execution”

— David Allen, Bestselling Author of Getting Things Done


Russell provides sage advice and practical methods for anyone battling bureauracy, barriers and tall mountains to produce better outcomes and meaningful results.

— Dave Rosener, Vice President, Northrop Grumman

“I wish I had this wise counsel when I started my career many years ago.  Realizing that how you define the problem IS the problem is probably the best advice you will ever get to take control of your life and destiny.”

— Anton Gueth, Managing Director, Burrill & Company


“Russell Bishop has served for more than 40 years as one of the most respected leaders in the fields of business and personal transformation.  You can benefit from his thousands of hours of experience, discovering your greater power to create the life you want.”

— Gay Hendricks, CEO, The Hendricks Institute, Bestselling Author of The Corporate Msytic and Conscious Loving Ever After

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