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Why Conscious Conversations for MSIA Ministers?

Almost 40 years ago, J-R shared with me (Russell) as I was going in for eye surgery that whereas the problem was now physical, the source was not. He explained that I had been straining to see with my physical eyes that which could only be seen with my spiritual eyes. Over the many years which followed, he helped me learn to see and to hear, with my spiritual eyes and ears.

Around the time of J-R's passing in 2014, I began to "see" a new workshop based on learning to see that which is not yet visible, to perceive what is being revealed inwardly that cannot be seen physically. Now that John-Roger is no longer here physically, many of us have been sensing an inner call to step forward in even greater service.

While we often ask for guidance from Spirit, rarely do we get direct messages about what is next. Learning to access the Inner Master for guidance is key to this workshop.


Brief History

Conscious Conversations began as a pilot in the summer of 2015 with a small gathering of people from the general public who were interested in accessing deeper inner guidance about what's next in life. That led to a second pilot in January 2016 in Santa Barbara attended by five MSIA ministers along with 10 others folks. The experience was profound as we invited each person to access the Inner Master. Two days after the Santa Barbara pilot, Robin and Celia Graham asked if we could put on a deeply discounted workshop for MSIA Ministers only.

We facilitated what we thought would be a "one-and-done" Conscious Conversations for Ministers April 1-3, 2016 in Santa Barbara. Within days of completing that seminar, we heard from Ministers in San Diego, Philadelphia, Kalamazoo and New York asking for one in their areas as well.

Conscious Conversations for Ministers springs from the deeper calling that Inez and Russell have been experiencing. Apparently, that deeper calling resonates with Ministers in other areas as well and we are answering that call as best we can. If you are feeling that invisible pull, please join Russell and Inez for our breakthrough workshop, Conscious Conversations for Ministers.


J-R put it this way You may ask and ask and ask -- and while you are asking, you are getting the answers, but you may be so busy thinking of the next question that you may miss the answers.  
(Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise, p. 516

The Focus:

You will have the opportunity to share your Ministerial Blessing with the other ministers in the workshop, if you so choose, and to work with other ministers in exploring what’s next in each of our ministries.

  • Explore your ministry with other commited Ministers of Light
  • Work with the Inner Master to gain greater clarity on what is being revealed that is not yet visible
  • Clear aspects of consciousness that may be preventing you from more fully experiencing your Ministry
  • Experience powerful, supportive relationships with other ministers
  • Create an ideal scence and action plan to put what you have discovered in the workshop to work

The Program:

A two and one-half day guided co-creation with a maximum of 21 people.

Using a combination of unique exercises and conversations, we will explore such important questions as:

  • Where is your Ministry calling you next?
  • How can you be of even greater service to yourself and others?
  • What is being revealed to you that you are not yet seeing?
  • What are you hearing that is not yet audible?


Location: typically in the home of a participating minister

Typical Schedule:

Due to the experiential nature of the workshop, ending times are approximate


  6:00 pm Start
  9:00 pm End of Day One 


10:00 am Start
  1:00 pm Lunch
  6:00 pm End of Day Two 


10:00 am Start
  1:00 pm Lunch
  5:00 pm End of Day Three

The Cost:

We are offering Conscious Conversations for MSIA Ministers at a greatly reduced registration, normaly in the $350 - $500 range depending on our travel costs. By way of conparison, general public versions start at $1,500 per participant.

We are confident that the weekend will be tremendously valuable and we invite you to join us in this unique opportunity.

Your registration fee includes:

  • A seat in the circle
  • A beautiful leather bound journal
  • Catered lunch on Saturday and Sunday

The Facilitators

Russell Bishop

Russell has been a pioneer since the early days of the personal and professional development movement, helping people Make Differences Worth Making. He is fond of saying that he likes to help people get what they think they want as fast as possible so he can ask, “Was that it?” Russell believes that transformation is more about understanding WHY something is important to you rather than the goal itself.

In the late 1970's, Russell teamed up with his Spiritual teacher, John-Roger, to create Insight Seminars, blending personal and spiritual awareness to help people deal with the deeper, more heart-felt aspects of leading a more fulfilling life. In addition to his best selling book, Workarounds That Work: How to Conquer Anything That Stands in Your Way at Work, Russell has authored over 200 articles in such leading publications as The New York Times, Forbes, Strategy & Business, Crain's, The Huffington Post, and Psychology Today.

Russell was ordained in 1977. He holds bacherlor degrees in History and Political Science as well as a Masters Dregree in Educational Psychology from the University of California, Davis. Russel holds Master of Spiritual Science degree from Peace Theological Seminary (PTS) and has completed the Doctor of Spriitual Science coursework as well. He has created and facilitated hundreds of programs for Insight Seminars and PTS.


Dr. Inez Bishop

Inez has 30 years experience working with people to heal consciousness and realign inner levels of energy through the power of forgiveness. She has helped hundreds of people around the world rediscover self-acceptance and inner freedom through releasing inner consciousness blocks. She is a PTS facilitator and has facilitated a wide range of PTS workshops including the Master of Spiritual Science (MSS), 18 Traveler Through the Ages programs and numerous other workshops.

Ordained in 1979, Dr. Bishop has a BA in Psychology from Rowan College, a Doctor of Chiropractic from Sherman College of Chiropractic, and a Master of Spiritual Science from the Peace Theological Seminary. She has completed her Doctor of Spiritual Science classes and attended numerous programs offered by University of Santa Monica and Insight Seminars.

What Ministers Have to Say About Conscious Conversations:


I’ve done three Conscious Conversations workshops now have had profound experiences in each one. I find that it’s hard to distinguish the structure as the source of value. Instead, it’s the energy that makes this such a special gift, a very special opportunity to get in touch with what’s important without all the structures, expectations and shoulds that normally accompany workshops. Having done hundreds of workshops now, I am so appreciative of the work Russell is doing and the benefit I have gotten out of it – it just keeps getting better and better. I highly recommend Conscious Conversations and love supporting Russell in what he is doing.  

— Robin Graham, MSIA Minister, retired entrepreneur


Russell and Inez created a safety for a kind of conversation that needed to take place between Ministers of Light. In that safety people were able to talk about, share, and perhaps reveal to themselves some things that had held them back for quite a long time. In that process, many of those things were healed. The great majority of the group was able to find a key, an image or something that would be valuable to deepen their level of ministry. It was beautiful – beautiful to be together and have the opportunity to be together in that beautiful Light energy.

— Mary Ann Somerville, MSIA Minister, Consultant, Coach and Facilitator


Being in the presence of the two of you with your own personal gifts and the direction of your intention riding on the wave of unconditional loving, I knew that I was in the presence of “the work of the Heart”. This presence nurtured within me an ongoing  “conscious conversation” with the Beloved.  After spending a weekend with the two of you in Conscious Conversations I came to realize there is no “need” for me to “try” to connect with anyone. It became transformatively clear that the Beloved in me is already connected to the Beloved in everyone. There is no place to go and nothing to do to make it a reality. It already is. I have never experienced such clarity in “being” and so ready to “do”. There is an enthusiasm that runs through me like a current of happiness. I am riding on a current of greater awakening and more and more conscious conversations—Super! 

 — Jane Cremer, MSIA Minister


I received enormous value from Conscious Conversations. It helped me connect inside and acknowledge those thoughts, those ideas, those intuitions, those flashes in the moment that said to me “you know the answer to this.” And it’s making it more available. There are tools and techniques here that make it possible to expand on those inner languages and inner visions and making them become more conscious inside. I’m grateful to Russell and Inez for acknowledging that we all have this available to us and giving us tools and techniques and a safe place to explore them inside of each other.

— Jackie Peterson, MSIA Minister, former MSIA staff member, biographer for J-R's life

I had the pleasure of attending Russell’s first Conscious Conversations in Santa Barbara. It was spectacular. I was smart of enough to choose into this one for MSIA Ministers – Russell and Inez have taken the workshop to an entirely different level and it was breathtakingly spectacular. I'm not sure I have the vocabulary to describe the mastery that Russell brings to the room - regardless of what shows up, it seems the right answer comes forward each and every time. If you have the opportunity, give yourself the luxury of this gift and sign up for Conscious Conversations for Ministers – you will be very, very pleased as you unwrap it. ” 

— Mike Visser, MSIA Minister, President, SuperSprings International


Truly authentic, loving facilitation allowing each of us to be who we truly are and the best of who we are to come forward; a wonderful gift I have given myself and I am excited about the changes I am going to be making in my life.

— Ursula Lamberti, MSIA Minister, Executive Leadership Coach


“The first Conscious Conversations in January stimulated a process that I have continued to work many months later. The workshop for Ministers helped me take an even deeper look at myself, relaxing and accepting some of my deepest energies and awarenesses. The process has been carrying forward as I continue to explore, expand and see what the next chapter of my life is all about. Russell and Inez are beautifully well suited to help anybody who wants to have a deeper conversation with themselves, with spirit, with their practical nature, with their spiritual nature and the ability to unfold what the next chapter of life is all about. I received immense value from this workshop and I recommend that you participate in this delicious, elegant work."

— Jonathan Wygant, MSIA Minister, CEO, Big Speak


"Every minute that I have spent with Russell, having him help clarify my presenting issue, concern, or opportunity, has been worth its weight in more than gold. The guy has a knack, a gift, and a capability to frame implicit tensions into explicit ones, with realistic paths forward. His four decades of experience in this work allows him to produce value in my thinking and my decision-making that is irrefutable in its value, both personally and professionally."

— David Allen, MSIA Minister, The David Allen Company


Just do it. I call it returning to the well. The world has plenty of challenges and difficulties and if I didn’t keep myself full, I don’t think I could deal with it. Conscious Conversations was a return to the well. Doing this with Ministers – there was a very definite, palpable energetic experience. Now I am a little fuller and I can deal with stuff that the world presents that I don’t particularly like. But I can do it when I fill up and I feel like Conscious Conversations was that for me – definitely worth doing and I‘d do it again just to be around the people with that focus and intention and energy.

— Terry Tillman, MSIA Minister, Scout, Coach, Consultant, Facilitator


I’m so grateful to be part of Conscious Conversations – I had no idea what it was. However, I have experienced so many transformation shifts, greater awareness – it’s been really amazing. I’m being called present in the moment, to go deeper inside myself and allow myself to be really authentic with myself. There is so much healing I have experienced at the moment and I am so very, very grateful for Russell and Inez – their leadership, their loving, their expertise.  I would recommend this to everyone.

— Mady Widyasurya, MSIA Minister, founder Hu-Balance, Energetic Healing


Conscious Conversations was the nicest weekend workshop I’ve ever done. I loved it. I just loved it. A whole new world is opening to me and I thank Russell and Inez for doing this. There are so many things, so many ideas, so many things I doubted and wondered about and I was given a key that I could use for myself. I am finding out worlds about myself and most of what I’m learning is absolutely fantastic and divine and taking me exactly where I want to go. And with the other stuff that came up, I now see ways to make things even better in my life. I loved being in this group of ministers, some I knew and some I did not, and the connections were simply divine. I am filled with joy, thanking myself and thanking my fellow participants

 — Ellie Gantt, MSIA Minister, retired Registered Nurse, Ministerial Board Member


Bottom line – I feel like I got myself back, by True Self, my heart, my Spiritual connection. That connection has always been there but I became more aware of it – more grounded, expanded, and deepened. This is the best thing I have done for myself in years. I’m really grateful for the opportunity and I’m looking forward to the next one. 

 — Connemara, MSIA Minister, Equestrian

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