Conscious Conversations

Have you ever felt the pull of something, but were unclear what that call was and where it was directing you? If you are feeling that invisible pull, if you are sensing that you are being called into an even greater level of consciousness or service, then Conscious Conversations may be for you. 

Russell Bishop is the lead facilitator for all Conscious Conversations programs. He partners with respected and gifted facilitators from around the world. We are currently working on scheduling events in the United States, Australia and Europe for 2018.

2018 Workshops - North America

Conscious Conversations programs for the general public are being planned for:

  • Los Angeles
  • Philadelphia
  • Kalamazoo
  • Santa Barbara
  • San Diego
  • London, England
  • Perth, Australia

2018 Conscious Conversations for MSIA Ministers

Join Russell and Inez Bishop as we explore that deeper calling from Spirit and align with the Inner MasterClick here for more info
  • San Diego
  • Santa Barbara
  • Los Angeles
  • Philadelphia
  • Kalamazoo


What People Have to Say About Russell and Conscious Conversations:


“ . . . masterful facilitation by two of the most gifted yet different individuals who play off each other with seamless trust. Whether or not you come in clear about what you want in life, unexpected value takes place.”

— Chuck Isen, Consultant and former est trainer (Novato, California)

"Every minute that I have spent with Russell, having him help clarify my presenting issue, concern, or opportunity, has been worth its weight in more than gold. The guy has a knack, a gift, and a capability to frame implicit tensions into explicit ones, with realistic paths forward. His four decades of experience in this work allows him to produce value in my thinking and my decision-making that is irrefutable in its value, both personally and professionally."

— David and Kathryn Allen, The David Allen Company

Russell Bishop changed my life many years ago when sitting on the floor of a building on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica with a group of other seeking souls. He taught me to see the angel in everyone. And on that day everything shifted in my life and I was changed forever.

— Melinda Browne, MSIA Staff Member

I came to realize that there is a side to who I am that I have not been too aware of – that is my Spiritual side. Conscious Conversations helped me open my eyes. There are many more steps to take and I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to move forward on this journey.

— Torsten Gunnarson, Senior Partner, VIK-ING Business Development (Malmoe, Sweden)

“Conscious Conversations was exponentially transformational because of the brilliant coaching of Russell Bishop. The wisdom and guidance provided to each of us throughout the weekend was nothing short of brilliant.  I came away with priceless clarity, growth and healing ~ these are gifts you cannot buy, but rather gifts you receive when you invest in yourself.″

— Karen Moore, USM Grad, Spiritual Psychologist

“There was a dramatic expansion in my own consciousness stimulated by the conversations and through my own personal inquiry. I came to realize that there is much more available to me than I had realized. I gained Insight into the difference between words, labels and the experience of transcendence.”

— Paul O'Donovan Rossa, CEO, Platinum Coaching, Management Consultant and Seminar Leader (UK and US)

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