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Workarounds That Work will show you how to take control of challenging situations at work, enabling you to accomplish more of what matters, even when systems, processes or other people seem to get in the way.

Every day, people experience increasing frustration in businesses large and small trying to execute critical goals and objectives or get the simplest things done. Roadblocks come in many forms, ranging from misaligned groups to bureaucratic processes, from people stuck in old ways of doing things to constantly fighting fires. Silos compete with each other instead of collaborating and even leadership can appear to be misaligned.

Workarounds That Work provides proven tips and practical workarounds enabling you to increase your own level of productivity while helping your group, team, department or business build a culture of high performance.

Russell’s practical advice will help you assess the situation and determine your best course of action in a wide variety of challenging situations. He also reveals a host of influence strategies for engaging other people and getting them on board so more can be accomplished.

You owe it to yourself to discover these powerful methodologies for getting things done in spite of the apparent obstacles. After all, if all you can see are roadblocks ahead of you, you might as well leave the car in the garage!

Here’s to mapping your road to increased performance, to discovering your own Workarounds That Work.






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